You found a need you could meet.


You found a need you could meet.

As Entrepreneurs, Communicators, and Ministry Leaders, you steward dreams.

You begin and grow organizations to meet needs. 

You're a visionary, a risk taker, and hope sharer. 

You're moved to action by significant endeavors, but the logistical weight of executing the call can stifle momentum toward fulfilling your God-given mission.

Have you wondered...

  • What if the tech didn't trip you up?
  • What if you had admin support to help you advance?
  • What if you could share reach and resources instead of compete for them?
  • What if you had a collaborative community who celebrates your successes, understands your struggles, and can help if you get stuck? 

Welcome to Collective Good

A Community for Kingdom Impact

What if, by doing more of what you were made to do, you empowered others to do the same?

Our Purpose

Collective Good is a membership community freeing Christian entrepreneurs, communicators, and ministry leaders to minimize to-do lists and maximize growth through shared expertise, support, and resources for Kingdom advance.

We empower leaders through:

Kingdom-focused Peer Community

Technological & Logistical Support

Simplified Scalable Online Resourcing

Shared Assets

Multiplied Reach

Join our community and find partners to support your good work.

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