Collective Good is a membership community freeing Christian entrepreneurs, communicators, and ministry leaders to minimize to-do lists and maximize growth through shared expertise, support, and resources for Kingdom advance.

We free you up so you can focus on the main thing you’re called to do. We empower you to dream without the distraction or overwhelm of delivery mechanisms or focusing on platform building.


We Know What
It’s Like

Whether you’re running a business, offering ministry, providing services, or releasing resources—you began your endeavor to do the main thing. You found a need you could meet, and you stepped up to the call. 

If your story is like ours, the other things that go along with the main thing then quickly overtake your to-do list. Create a website. Grow an email list. Connect on social media. Build systems and processes. And all the things in between.

That’s the need we are here to meet.

Remove the stress of needing to figure everything out on your own. Find peers to share ideas and get feedback.

Free up time, energy, and brain space to do more of the main thing you were called to do by working with partners whose main thing is the exact work you need help getting done. Our team is made up of leaders who walked this same path and found partners who could help them scale to the next level. We want to do the same for you.

Minimize To-Do Lists + Maximize Growth


Whose good work is Logistical, Tech, & Admin Strategy & Support


Whose good work requires things like websites, email lists, social media, and business support


With a heart for Kingdom

Collective Good

Active community working together toward our Collective Good

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. 

Ephesians 2:10



  • Contribute to healthy community
  • Steward wisely & generously
  • Show up for each other
  • Grow together
  • Devote ourselves to God and what He says is good


The Collective Good Mindset:

How can we scale?


How can we share?


Everything done within Collective Good is built for that aim, for our collective good work.

How it works:

Propel your Kingdom-minded organization forward through community resourcing and empower others to do the same.

  • Join our active online membership community.
  • Our Membership is active via two online spaces: Our Membership Site for ongoing resources, courses, and partner information, and our Members Only Facebook Group.
  • LIVE Virtual Gatherings! Office Hours (monthly) and Social Hours (Quarterly) to help you gain skills and build community!
  • Members have access to peers and vendor support through Collective Good Partners.
  • Current engagement opportunities include Mastermind Groups and Writers Groups—both included in the price of membership.
  • Collective Good Partners offer Just-For-You prices & options with the expertise to scale with members as they grow.
  • Member-only offerings brought to you by partner companies who believe in the vision of Collective Good made possible by community volume.

Don’t Go It

In the days of the early church, Christians were known by their hospitality. It was dangerous to travel alone, so if you were in an unfamiliar place and needed provision, you’d look for fellow believers who would invite you in. Collective Good is an expression of this heart of hospitality. Our aim is to show hospitality to one another in our online spaces, as we use what we have in our possession (our experience, skills, and means) to support one another. We can fuel each other’s journeys as we each carry out the good work God entrusts to us to do. And in doing so, we all contribute the collective good of His kingdom.