What the community has to say:

When I started my ministry, I just wanted to use my time to write and share what was on my heart. However, I spent countless hours figuring out how to build my website, create content for social media, and connect with my audience. I wish I had Collective Good then to help me bring my vision to life without the distractions of all the back-end work. Collective Good is a Godsend for creatives who feel called to good work and want to stay focused on their calling.

Kristin Lemus | Founder of Brave Moms

I’m good with tech up to a certain point, but I tend to run away screaming when it gets a little complicated. That’s why I’m so excited about Collective Good. Having one place full of trusted experts that I can get to help answer my questions so I can move on and move ahead sounds like a dream come true. No more Googling something and getting a hundred possible solutions that may or may not work for me. With Collective Good, I know I’m getting the best response the first time, which makes my life easier and frees me to focus on the most important and fun parts of my business.

Anne Watson | Business Strategy Coach for Communicators & Entrepreneurs

As a Business Coach to Kingdom Entrepreneurs, I am well aware of what an impact this concept will be for new—and scaling—entrepreneurs! So many times they are stopped dead in their tracks because they run into something that their business really needs that is beyond their skill set. Many times they don’t even know where to find help or worse…they start trying to do it themselves causing them to lose precious time. Time they could spend doing what they do well. Collective Good gives entrepreneurs the power to do what God called them to do. This is a community every entrepreneur should be in. I can’t imagine all the new business that will launch and the new ideas that will come to life through this group! Excited to play a part and offer my skills for the…collective good!

Francine Ivey | Founder of Consumed Coaching