5 Reasons to Build Community Among Professionals (Who do Things Besides Your Thing)

We believe we’ve been given a purpose. We believe in meeting the needs we see in the world. And we believe in bringing God glory through our work. But sometimes, since we’re being honest, we also believe it’s up to us to figure out how to do it all on our own, right? 

None of us can do it all. Yes, all things are possible with God (can I get an amen?!) but they’re not all possible through one individual. We’re meant to work together as the hands and feet of Jesus, not as a one-person show! That’s why we face discouragement and can feel like giving up when we hit snags we aren’t equipped to fix.

So, how do we avoid that? How do we reclaim the joy we had for our work when we first started and ditch the tech struggles and admin woes? 

We build community with kingdom-minded professionals like ourselves, who have different skill sets and areas of genius! Here are just a few of the benefits of working together: 

5 Powerful Reasons to Build Community

1. Spend more time doing your thing

It’s exciting to think of all the ultra-cool gifts that God has given us, isn’t it? He made us writers, designers, speakers, makers, ministry leaders, and more! But here’s the thing—we’re each given a specific set of gifts, not all of them. If we’re called to make gorgeous jewelry, but we’re getting hung up on the tech behind building a website pop-up, we could miss out on business-building opportunities! Partnering with professionals we can trust and who possess the skills that we don’t, lifts unnecessary burdens off our shoulders and frees us to steward our gifts well. 

2. Bless fellow visionaries by sharing what you know

We know better than to think we have nothing to offer. But, we often believe we’ve got to bring a whole lot to the table in order to take a seat, don’t we? Please hear us loud and clear: not all expertise comes with extra letters on the side. Expertise also looks like experience and practical know-how. If you’re a Google ninja who went to the University of Hard Knocks and has figured out “all things admin” by yourself we want to know you! Don’t deprive us of your wisdom.

Pro Tip: When you’re tempted towards believing you’ve got nothing to offer, check out the story of the widow in 2 Kings 4 and remember Who multiplies our efforts. The widow is obedient to use the little she’s got…and then what happens?

3. Go further…faster

Have you ever poured every bit of your heart, soul, and passion into your product or service only to hear actual crickets chirping when you click on website visits? How on Earth do you reach potential customers? How do you get your website to rank? And what the heck is SEO? Questions like these are familiar to us. And we understand how frustrating it is to be an action taker who can’t take action. The services and partners you’ll find in Collective Good help you get unstuck so that you can serve in the ways you’re uniquely called. 

4. Boost your creativity

We only have to watch one episode of Project Runway to know that art inspires art. Fashion can be inspired by a painting. Movies inspire books. Chefs are inspired by fusing the cuisine of one region with another. Working within a community of professionals—each of them excelling at their own thing—helps bring new vitality to our own work. The entrepreneurial or ministry leader lifestyle can feel isolating, but it doesn’t have to. We get to be challenged and re-inspired in community. 

5. Spend time with people who get you

Saying we’re entrepreneurs, communicators, or ministry leaders can leave people confused. Our job titles aren’t as clear-cut as doctor, engineer, or teacher. People aren’t sure what questions to ask and don’t understand the unique set of challenges we face as people doing it on their own. At Collective Good, whether we’re coaches, consultants, or creatives, we speak business-growth language. We’re all seeking similar tech, design, and administrative services and we’ll all understand how major it is when 20 new people sign up for your email list!  We celebrate together and commiserate together. It’s a beautiful thing!

At Collective Good, we believe that everyone can have access to what they need to bring glory to God and serve the Kingdom well. That means getting to invest your time, talent, and energy into the thing you do best. We want to equip you for good work with resources and partners at the ready.

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