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Creating Templates in Canva

Have you ever wished you could create an image in Canva and then somehow share it for others to easily edit? Or maybe wished someone would create a template and save it for your easy editing and use?

Well look no further! Canva has rolled out a feature that lets you do just that. Note: As of this moment, this feature is only available to Canva Pro users.

This functionality is especially helpful if you want to share graphics with the public (or your internal team) for them to customize and use. For example:

  • Adding their own photo to help promote your upcoming event or announcement
  • Creating badges with your branding already built in
  • Easily making a graphic to upload as part of a challenge or course completion
  • Adding their favorite quotes from your new book to share on social media
  • Multiple team members using the same layout to make their own graphics simultaneously

Here's a quick glance at the settings you're looking for. Since this is a Canva feature, we've also linked their article here to walk you through the process.

To see an example or test it out, here's the link to the templates we made to help get the word about Collective Good. Simply click the "Use Template" link, log in to your Canva account (Canva offers free profiles), and it will make a copy for you to fully edit and use.

While you're at it, we'd love for you to use this template share about Collective Good with your community.

Ready to find out more?

And if you'd like to chat more about Canva tips and tricks, we have that discussion already going inside the Membership Community!