Media Kit

Media Kit & One Sheet Benefits and Templates

Media Kits and One Sheets are a great way to quickly share highlights about what you do and who you are when you want to work with others.

benefits of a media kit / one sheet include:

  • A concise message on what you offer
  • Answering common questions in advance of a pitch meeting
  • Saving time from drafting countless custom responses
  • A professional presentation increases client confidence

Uses include:

  • Speaking inquiries
  • Podcast advertising
  • Pitching to be a guest on a podcast
  • Working with influencers
  • Work with brands or businesses
  • Pitching prospective clients
  • Website Ads
  • Advertising new products & launch events

Canva offers some great ways to customize a Media Kit or One Sheet. We've created some templates for you to use, simply drop in your own photo(s) and information.

Some info you may want to include:

  • Your name & business / ministry name
  • What you are about (your bio)
  • Your reach (social media follows, newsletter signups, podcast downloads, etc.)
  • The need that you meet and the problems you help fix
  • Offerings and benefits
  • What others have had to say about working with you
  • Where they can find you on social media and the internet
  • What topics you can speak to (if you're a speaker or coach)
  • Unique ideas you have for working with them creatively
  • How to contact you
  • Your logo
  • Photo(s) of you that represent what you do (professional photos are ideal)

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We've created different media kit / one sheet templates to help you create yours and start maximizing the benefits of this powerful tool!

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