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Recordings of Past LIVE Office Half-Hours

Office Half-Hours

These ongoing gatherings provide opportunities for Partners and Members to share expertise, tips and tricks. They also have time for LIVE Q&A, so if you're working on a task or project in this area, come ready to ask your questions!


We talked about:

  • Time Management
  • Budgeting
  • How to stay true to yourself and your voice
  • Involving God in your podcast planning
  • Identifying your audience
  • And MORE!


We talked about:

  • Tool focused on:
  • Potential known cautions up front so take note of those 🙂
  • Helpful way to build out prompts: I want you to act as_____. I will _____. You will (get as specific as you want). Messaging tone / goal / outcome / audience. Make your request.
  • The Bulk Create App in Canva to import into template files. I didn’t mention this but it can be used for any csv file, no AI required.
  • The Zoom AI app Merrit was using and sharing about at the end is

Reviewing Your Year and Setting Goals

We talked about:

  • Processing wins and losses
  • Looking beyond the metrics
  • Leaving things beyond
  • Capitalizing on wins as you plan for the next season
  • Strategically maximizing time and effort
  • Leaving things behind (including a helpful prayer prompt)

Being Clear about the Problem You Solve

We talked about:

  • Getting UnStuck
  • Helpful questions to consider
  • How this clarity helps in creating content
  • How feedback from your ideal client/audience offers clarity
  • Madlib style sentence templates to help you craft your statement about what you do!
  • Tips for maximizing clarity and implementing it for the next 6 months

Self-Leadership & Time Management

We talked about:

  • Balance as a myth
  • Sensory associations
  • Time blocking, batches
  • Self Care
  • Content management
  • Working with VAs (including our Collective Good Partners)
  • Walking in step with God