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I'll believe in you and the call of God on your life even when you don’t.

Hey! I’m Francine, the founder of Consumed Coaching, creator of the Kingdom Coaching Certification Program, a coach’s coach and mentor. 

I’m an obnoxiously positive person, a recovering Workaholic, mom of 3, Jesus follower, coffee addict, who will believe in you and the call of God on your life even when you don’t.

But that is NOT how it started! There I was newly certified—a coach with a passion! I had so much potential and there was so much information out there…BUT I was dying with NO real answers.  

I dove in because I knew I was called to coach… before I knew it I was coaching 10 different industries, business coaching, sales coaching, life coaching!  I was all over the place. My clients were thriving —and I was drowning. 

That is when I realized I needed to find my calling, my niche’, my values, my ideal client and GET OFF THIS CRAZY TRAIN! 

I now work with leaders (especially coaches!) to help them do the same. This includes resourcing, training, coaching, and certification for Kingdom coaches, and executive coaching for entrepreneurs across all industries!

I love what I do! ❤️❤️


I've coached in ten different industries, including Fortune 500 company leaders and managers. I hold certifications in Universal Life Coaching, Sales and Leadership Coaching, and is certified as a John Maxwell Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. My years of experience in evangelism and ministry combined with my coaching experience and training aid my ability to coach, speak, and train.


Coach Francine has taken me from a thought, an idea, excitement of starting my own business to having my own clients and making money within 2 months!!!  She breaks down the actions I needed, to take in small bite sized pieces so I wasn’t overwhelmed with the end goal.  I know I would not be as far along as I am today without her wisdom, encouragement, and accountability. Not only do I feel successful, and valued,  but I feel empowered to make a difference in the area of my calling.  Coaches, if you need a coach, Francine will propel you forward!!!

- Stephanie K, Texas

Francine is the definitive coach’s Coach! If you have any doubts – one or a million – take advantage of her free call! It. Will. Change. The. Trajectory. Of. Your. Life!!
Not only has she drawn from her experience and expertise to create THE most powerful and effective faith-based coaching certification, but she brings a thorough knowledge & proficiency of social media and business to the table, to build and grow your dream. My investment in Francine’s faith-based Kingdom Certification, as well as her Mentorship, tailored to my dreams, has brought immediate results in my business, direction and confidence.
Don’t wait another second.

- Judy Knight, Life Coach

Francine gave me tools that allow me to be more intentional with my thoughts during times of adversity, change my self-talk, identify ways to find more balance, navigate different client personalities, and most importantly, helped me keep Faith intertwined in my goals (and on that note – setting BIGGER goals!). If you can relate to my testimonial, do yourself a favor and hire Francine. I will carry her wisdom with me forever!

- Tyler C, Northwestern Financial

Coaching services with
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10 Simple (non-salesy) Steps to Enrolling More Clients

Entrepreneurs often struggle with getting more clients, and don't know where to start. 

It can be tough to figure out what you need to do in order to get more clients. You might feel like you're spinning your wheels or just need more consistency.

The 10 Simple Steps to Enrolling More Clients Workbook is the answer. This workbook includes a bonus outline for your next discovery call, so you'll know exactly what to say and how to enroll more clients into your program.

Learn the secret to enrolling more coaching clients than ever before! Stop being "salsey" and start having simple authentic conversations that convert!

10 Simple Steps Workbook


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One-On-One Sales Coaching

Want one-on-one coaching to further develop your sales approach or process? Feel like your pipeline has dried up? Ready to ramp up your earnings to the next level? Or maybe something about this whole sales thing has you feeling stuck and you're not sure what?

This coaching offering is for you!

One-Time 45-Minute Coaching Session

$97 (standard rate is $225 per session) $128 Savings!!

Package of (6) 45-Minute coaching sessions

$599 total (Standard rate is $1,350) $751 Savings!!

$497 off for Collective Good members!

Kingdom Coach Certification

Coaching that gets results for our clients without compromising their walk with Christ.

Learn the skills you need to help people discover their gifts, unlock the things that hold them back, heal, and access the abundant life described in John 10:10.

As Certified Kingdom Coaches, our methods, our purpose, our mission and our results are different. 

This certification program takes the truth from God's word, and combines them with her training and experience, to create a specialized method of coaching. No need to compromise our beliefs to get real results for our clients.

Kingdom Coach Crtification

$1,500 (standard rate is $1,997) $497 Savings!!

50% only for Collective Good members!

Kingdom Coach HQ Online Community

What You Can Expect When You Join this Powerhouse Community of Like-minded Coaches...

  • An exclusive community of Kingdom Coaches.

  • FREE ACCESS to VITAL RESOURCES every coach needs! 

  • DOWNLOADABLE  COACHING MODULES (with Video Training from Francine) She will show how to coach your clients effectively and what key questions to ask on each subject. PLUS you will receive a beautiful Downloadable PDF to email to your clients.

  • LIVE monthly Coaching Calls and Q & A's with Francine

  • Free Access to  Masterclasses designed specifically for kingdom coaches. 

  • Downloadable CUSTOMIZABLE SOCIAL MEDIA TEMPLATES  for your social media platforms.

  • Special Training and Classes will be exclusively offered by expert guest contributors.

  • Collaboration and Networking with other Kingdom Influencers.

  • LIVE Monthly Masterminds and Brainstorming Sessions with Francine. 

  • Voxer Mentorship with Francine.

  • Unlimited Access to Francine's Coaching Resources, plus...

     4 different LIVE coaching opportunities each month with Francine 

Kingdom Coach HQ Online Community

$48.50/month (standard rate is $97/month)

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