Questions To Ask When Looking for a Website Development Company (Whether Big-Box or Boutique)

Here are some Helpful Questions To Ask When Looking for a Website Development Company (Whether Big-Box or Boutique)

Here are some questions you may not have considered yet:

  • What is customer service like, especially if you need tech support? Do you get to work regularly with the same support person?
  • What happens if you want revisions or changes? How many rounds of edits do you get during the process? What happens if you want changes after the project concludes?
  • What if you want a functionality or design element that’s not included in the theme you picked?
  • How does this web design scale with me? Most themes are one-and-done, requiring that you start over from scratch if you ever want to change the theme design or move to a new platform (like from Wix to WordPress).
  • What if you want to add robust functionality later, like ecommerce, courses, podcast, etc?
  • What access do you have to troubleshooting your specific questions?
  • How much time do you want to spend on your website maintenance each month (updating plugins, checking backups, fixing bugs, optimizing performance, etc.)?
  • What additional fees will you incur? Consider email services, hosting fees, domains, premium plugins, SSL, custom changes, etc.
  • How often will you want to refresh your entire website? Say you want a new design once a year. How does this website or designer scale with you for these refreshes?
  • Will your web developer train you on how to do some things yourself, if you’d like to take over those responsibilities someday and save some money on website fees?

A Note from Collective Good

Collective Good selects Partners who can ease your technical, administrative, or logistical load and free you up to focus on what you were made to do. Our Partners are trusted people we know, many of whom we already work with. For example, our web development Partner, Journey Websites, is the web developer who created this site!

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