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Collective Good selects Partners who can ease your technical, administrative, or logistical load and free you up to focus on what you were made to do. Our Partners are trusted people we know, many of whom we already work with. For example, our web development Partner, Journey Websites, is the web developer who created this site!

Keep reading below to learn about their service approach and their incredible offerings for Collective Good Members.

Please Note: Member dealings with any Partner are between you and that Partner and do not involve Collective Good. Complete any research and vetting you deem necessary or appropriate before hiring or engaging any Partners.

Foundation Matters

A lot of website development companies provide different packages for purchase. But what if you don’t know what the future has in store for how your business or ministry will grow?

With most web design companies, websites are seen as stand-alone projects. New project, new fee. Or if you’re DIYing it and self-hosting your WordPress, you’d go buy a new theme each time you update, and then figure out how to customize it yourself.

At Journey Websites, your website packages can grow with you.

You are able to buy a lower option that fits your needs now with having the peace of mind that your website can truly grow with you! We build your website to grow with you as you do, so at any time, if you want to scale up to the next level, what you’ve already paid applies to your package at the next level. Whether it’s been a few weeks or a few years, you pay the difference, not start over.

Watch this video to learn more about Journey Websites' unique philosophy that even applies towards the super discounted Collective Good Member specials!!

Scalable design & service packages lay a foundation that can grow with you. We’re here for the journey. So let’s chat about the most common paths taken, and the new roads paved for you by Journey Websites here in partnership with Collective Good.

So you need a website?

We know starting out with your first (or brand new) website is a daunting experience. What domain URL do you buy? How do you pick a hosting provider? WordPress or Wix or …? Themes? Color palettes? SEO? Security? The list never ends.

The challenge thrills some of us. Others reconsider if it’s even worth all the effort. Either way, we all want cost-effective, high-quality, easy-to-implement solutions.

If you’re just getting started with your first website, or a brand new website for a new endeavor, most people aren’t typically quoting out web designers. If you are, that’s great. We’re here for you and have that covered, too! But most people in this season are dreaming of a simple website with a handful of pages, and maybe a blog roll or article library. The biggest needs here are simplicity, user friendly, how quickly it can be ready, and a design that looks professional at a low price point. You’re also looking for something that can link to email marketing or send out latest articles, etc.

Sound about right?

Many leaders in this season start by exploring DIY options like Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress.com. These can be super affordable and streamlined, but often carry steep limitations and additional costs, especially as you grow. 


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Here are some key differentiators we suggest you investigate:

What happens if you move away to a different hosting company or outgrow the site? Most likely, you’ll need to start your website design over again from scratch. For example, Wix requires that they host your site and we’ve heard they make it difficult to migrate your data. With most of these companies, you can only export specific data, but you cannot migrate your entire website because the design requires their unique platform.

With Journey Websites, we don’t use proprietary content management systems. We build your site to grow with you, and go with you whenever you like.

Journey Websites builds and maintains the website you need for whatever stage you’re in, and we’ve partnered together to provide incredible rates and customized services for Collective Good Members.



These packages are created for those just starting out with an informational website.

We’ll spare you all the tech jargon here (but if you’re interested, let us know!). In short, if you’re looking for the ease and aesthetic design of a simple, high-quality website without the limitations of the other guys, our Getting Started Packages are for you! 

  • Basic website setup with pages + blog
  • Built on a fully scalable WordPress foundation
  • Responsive design for computer, tablet, and smartphone devices
  • Customizable with your brand color palette, or select one of our standard color palettes
  • Select from available templates as your starting point
  • Full drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to easily modify content and even design
  • Preloaded with pre-selected plugins to streamline functionality (including premium plugins)
  • Purchase for you or transfer your custom domain URL (web address)
  • SSL and domain privacy
  • Custom email addresses with your web address that forward to existing email accounts (we can also set up a full account for you)
  • Subscribe form connected to your email marketing service (Mailerlite, ConvertKit etc.)

Option 1

Good Start Do-It-Yourself

Our lowest price option is for the DIYer who knows or wants to learn the basics of WordPress to update your website yourself. Select your template and we’ll build the site. You’ll have backend access to add content, customize colors, and move building blocks around however you like. Training videos walk you through each step and we’re in the membership community to answer questions and provide tips.

DIY Website

$150 one-time fee

Ongoing Care Plan


Option 2

Good Start Done-For-You

If you want the Get Started Package but don’t want to customize the site yourself, the Done-For-You option is for you! You’ll meet with Journey Websites for a consult, pick a template, fill out your information on brand colors, pages, and content, and they’ll update the site for you. You’ll also have access to all the training videos and community access for support now and if you want to make updates in the future.

DFY Website

$400 one-time fee

Ongoing Care Plan


Already have a website?

Have an existing website with a design that you love but you’d like to move it over for ongoing maintenance and care?

option 1

Simple Migration

Do you have a WordPress website?  Great news, Journey Websites can migrate over your domain name, email, and entire website as it is with zero downtime!  But don't worry, we will make sure to clean up any messes that may be lingering from previous trial and error DIY approaches!  We will do a full website audit, clean the backend, security fixes, and any minor improvements giving you peace of mind that your website is cared for by a team that cares about you!

Simple Migration

$700 one-time fee

Ongoing Care Plan

Starting at $30/month

Your choice of any Care Plan at Journey Websites

Option 2

Trailblazer Migration

Do you already have a website that is built with anything other than WordPress or do you love the idea of having your website re-created so that it can fully grow with you?  This migration is for you!  Your entire website will be re-created with a page builder.  It will be 100% customizable so it can be designed to look just like your existing website.  All of your current content will be migrated over through a seamless process so that your website will have zero downtime!

Trailblazer Migration

$1000 one-time fee

Ongoing Care Plan

Starting at $30/month

Your choice of any Care Plan at Journey Websites

Custom options

Further along on Your website journey

If your website needs ecommerce, memberships, or advance functionality, we’re ready for you!

Finding a web developer can feel daunting, so we help take the guesswork out of things. Web design, maintenance, hosting, optimization, that’s not your industry. But it is ours!

Want a refresh on your existing site, or a complete redesign? Or maybe you want to add new functionality for things like a store, hosting courses, or a podcast?

Are you starting a new site but you’re already ready for some advanced features or custom design?

We have customizable packages available for you, starting at only $1000.

All these packages begin with a free consultation so we can learn about your current season and where you’re planning to grow to next!

Ongoing Care Plan Options

Good Start Care Plan  |    $15 monthly fee (only available for Good Start Packages see above)
Compass Care Plan     |    $30 monthly fee
Additional Care Plans include time for applying custom site updates, publishing blog posts, Google Workspace, etc.

Still not sure?

Compare prices from Big Box competitors and you'll find the closest comparable plans range from $276-$396. Custom sites typically start at $2,500+.

And remember, Journey Websites’ plans will grow with you. Pick the plan level you know works for what you need right now, and we will scale as you do.

Questions To Ask When Looking for a Website Development Company (Whether Big-Box or Boutique)

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